Welcome.  As a skilled and qualified psychotherapist, I provide patient, effective treatment for the problems you face in your daily life: difficulties with close relationships or with parenting, conflicts at work or at school, feelings of depression and anxiety, or working through the impact of a loss or a traumatic event. I work with issues of living in recovery from addictions, moving through a spiritual crisis or crisis of meaning, and feelings of loneliness, and isolation. My goal is to help you identify and resolve the problems that keep you from getting what you want from your life.

My therapeutic approach is psychodynamic. This means we will explore those parts of the self that are not fully known to you, but that influence your perceptions or responses to your experiences. I can help you notice patterns in your relationships, in your thinking, and in your actions. We will pay careful attention to the way the past continues to “live on” in the present, and work to help you develop healthier and more resilient coping skills.

I make use of the therapy relationship itself to understand how you may be relating to others, with the aim of finding greater freedom, meaning and satisfaction in the pursuit of your life goals. I typically meet with you once or twice a week, for either a time-limited therapy or a longer-term depth psychotherapy.

I have been in practice for over 15 years, in community mental health settings and seeing patients privately. I work primarily with adults and couples. 

Education and Training

I completed my undergraduate work in Philosophy at the University of Washington and hold a M.Div. from Western Seminary Seattle (now known as The Seattle School of Psychology and Theology). I have received additional training in psychotherapy from Family Services (Seattle WA) and The Meadows (Scottsdale AZ).


I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Washington and certified in Post-Induction Therapy for the treatment of co-dependency.  State of Washington, Mental Health Counselor License: LH60789532

My Approach

Adult psychotherapy, as I practice it, is based on the observation that individuals are often unaware of the factors that determine their feelings and actions, and that this restricts their abilities to fully understand or work through the difficulties they are experiencing.  Psychotherapy is a partnership through which the client becomes aware of the underlying sources of his or her difficulties which can remove symptoms, ease cramped and stuck life patterns and expand the freedom to work, love, form meaningful relationships and be happy and productive.

Likewise, child and adolescent psychotherapy, as I practice it, helps restore a child’s normal path of continuing psychological development and maturity which distresses can affect and help the child/adolescent develop coping mechanisms which promote healthy development.

Couples/marital counseling, as I practice it, is based on the observation that couples are often unaware of many of the factors that contribute to their relationship unhappiness and to their difficulties in resolving it.  Counseling is an opportunity for the couple to learn more about the sources of their conflicts as well as more fully understand the feelings and experiences associated with their conflicts.  Over time, the couple can learn valuable insights about themselves and their partners in the course of which the relationship can find expression with less interference.

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